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Minneapolis Phone Repair

Twin Cities Wireless offers professional Phone Repair services. We are becoming more and more popular with respect to cell phone repair through the years. What makes us stand out from others in the business is the following pillars we’ve adapted:

  •           A. Only takes few minutes of your time to drop off the phone, fill out a form, and you are on your way. We take care of the rest for you.

  •           B. Lowest price out there in repair. Our repair can be as low as $15 dollars and the highest could be $145 depending on the model and type of repair needed. The good thing here is that we do for you the price check in the market for each individual case and charge you less than the lowest price.

  •           C. Repairs are done in the store by a certified team, which reduces the time frame needed to complete the repair.

  •           D. In case parts are not available, we offer a Phone Loaner program for free. That way you stay connected with family and friends until your phone is fixed.

  •           E. If you have handset insurance from your carrier, we will research the issue and give you recommendations to fix your phone if the cost of repair is less than your insurance deductible.

  •           F. If you cannot make it to the store, it is not a problem. Drop your phone in the mail with a phone number and brief description of the issue and we will call back with a recommendation.

  •           G. We take your cell phone care very personal and you will be informed of every step in the repair process until the repair is done. Nothing will be done without your approval. Period.


How it works:

This is not final could change , but just to have an idea how it will work.,
  •         1.Select the repair you need.
  •         2.Fill out the form
  •         3.Rap your product safely
  •         4.Ship it with return label
  •         5.We receive it and will give you a call
  •         6.We finish the repair we call to make the payment
  •         7.We ship your product back
  •         8.You receive your product, enjoy

Below are charts that show all the phones and repairs we are certified to fix and the costs.

Download Repair Intake Form

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